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I really love coming to the space you offer. It really helps bring me back to center. It so amazing to meet so many new people in this space!

This past weekend I took one of Nyell's workshop's, sooo good! I feel so relaxed and ready for my week!

Nyell's Meditation truly gave me in life changing experience! I learned how to breathe deeply and just release my stress!

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Above the Clouds

How I work:

Nyell offers mindfulness practices that help people live life more presently and with more awareness! Mindfulness helps people gain access to personal tools that promote relaxation and stress relief.

 Practicing mindfulness enables people to develop more self-love and compassion for themselves and others! Over time mindfulness tools can naturally become the catalyst for the development of personal coping skills and an overall better quality of life. 


Nyell's Mindfulness Services workshops are offered based on specific community or business needs. I work to create programs that engage and use interactive ways to help participants learn how to practice meditation and mindfulness tools. The flow of each session is offered by intentionally working with participants from an invitational and open space. Workshops are designed and created for all ages, communities and social settings. 

About Nyell:

Nyell is a powerful meditation teacher, sound healing practitioner, graceful yoga teacher and a certified wellness coach. Nyell was moved to begin embracing her natural healing abilities to increase self-awareness within the Boston community and across the united states. Nyell Jeudy is a published author of two texts for young women of color. Her work began as service based coordinator and educator in the Public Schools and in the Non for profit sector in urban the area's of Boston, MA.

Due to personal life challenges, Nyell fully understands what loss and trauma does to the body, so she uses trauma based mindful practices as a lifestyle. She encourages all to increase the body's natural energy by using indigenous, native natural alternative approaches. Nyell has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds to provide access to Mindful tools and a holistic life style. 

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Instagram: Nye_Jeu 

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